Track Notes

Plan your round with Track Notes—the premier course management tool.  Golf Digest calls TrackNotes “the yardage book for the rest of us”.

Course Review

So many courses and so little time. But don’t worry, we’ll help you sift through the good tracks from the bad and get you the biggest bang for your buck.  Happy golfing.

Teaching Professionals

Stay tuned. We’re looking for the best PGA professionals to help you groove your swing. Reviews coming soon to a course near you.

“Golf is 20% talent and 80% management.” —Ben Hogan

You spend hours at the driving range grooving your swing, but then you get on a new course and you’re clueless.
Does this hole play long or short?  Do you layup?
Does the ball break away from the mountain? What if you actually knew?

About Us

Bunkers+Fairways was created with the idea that there should be a great resource for finding and playing golf courses. And it should be FREE!  It is written and designed for the avid golfer who wants to increase his or her knowledge through the experience of other prolific golfers. Whether its playing once a month or once a week—the information on this site will help you become a better golfer.

  • Course Management

    Track Notes is the ultimate tool for the avid golfer.  It will help you plot out how to play your round and give you the confidence to navigate the course to the best of your ability.

  • Approved by Universities

    Currently, Track Notes by GolfSteady is used by over 15 university golf teams. From the University of Hawaii to Oregon State all the way over to Baylor.


    Here at Bunkers+Fairways, we want to provide you with the best possible resources to help improve your golf game. For questions, please contact us.

  • GolfSteady, Inc.

    GolfSteady, Inc. is the parent company of Bunkers+Fairways.


John Strege

“Track Notes: Yardage books for the rest of us.”

John StregeNew EquipmentGolfDigest
Joe D

Track Notes helped me shave six strokes off my game. Everyone needs to use this product.

Joe DAvid Golfer
Thomas C.

This is the ultimate course management tool.  I absolutely love it!

Thomas C.Avid Golfer
William A.

Track Notes was just the tool I needed to get my game to the next level.  Great job!

William A.Avid Golfer